Resume Update

Do you want to change career paths, but you need an updated resume? I can help you by creating a resume that expresses your skills elegantly, articulately, and appropriately so you can reach the next level of success you seek!

Cover Letter

Put your best foot forward by sending an uniquely crafted letter created by me that expresses your qualifications, skills, and interest in an open position.

Professional Bio

Each individual needs a well written and articulate Professional Bio to aid the cultivation of their career or business growth by providing a summary of who you are as an employer, employee, entrepreneur, or career professional.


Social Media Content

If you post it, they will come...that's the goal! Allow me to create thought provoking, informative, helpful, and entertaining content so that your social media posts can draw people in.

Standard Operating Procedure

Every non-profit is passionate about its mission, but it's still a business that has to be operated as such so its procedures and polices must be documented and filed appropriately.


Service Agreement

It's in the best interest of every small business to operate via Service Agreements that clearly document what each party is responsible for, when it will be completed, compensation, and how it will be delivered.