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The question that I am often asked is "What is organizational coordination?" Let's dissect it! If you Google the term organization the first thing that pops up says its a body of people with a particular purpose. My good friends over at Merriam-Webster (I refer to them for clear definitions all the time) tell me that it's the act or process of putting the different parts of something in a certain order so they can be found or used easily, basically planning and arranging. Coordination is simply the process of organizing people or groups so they work together efficiently.

Saying that organizational coordination is arranging people or ideas to serve a particular purpose efficiently sounds like a pretty complete definition to me. Every one of us, and also the organizations we belong to, has passions that we are striving to achieve everyday. Sometimes (more often than not) we devote ourselves to our passions without taking a moment to collect our thoughts, structure how to best move forward, or even determine the best way to measure our success.

That is were an organizational coordinator comes into play. Their roll is not to tell you HOW, but help you plan how, document your plan, arrange your plan, and track it so that you can operate successful without outside interference. Like I say "Great organization creates self-sufficiency!" and isn't that really the goal?!?


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