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Stopped dead in my tracks

I think we have all heard the expression "stop dead in your tracks" before. We know it to mean anything that makes you stop moving suddenly. What stops us is usually unforeseen and out of the blue that's why it has the effect it has. But what can really have that effect on your life?

Glad you asked because it can really be a multitude of things. Everything from the death of a family member or close friend, job layoff, pregnancy, relationship (any type) breakup, illness, even too much to get done. I find that my personal illness always has a way of stopping me. I have to really put my mind to it so I keep working and don't totally give in to it, which can be very easy to do.

Many of us live alone so we don't have the luxury of doing nothing. Even when we are sick there is lunch to prepare so we don't starve, beds to make because laying in your own sick germs for too long gets nasty and even may bread further illness, and medicine to get because if you don't go get it who will thus how will you get better. Having mind over matter, using willpower to overcome physical problems, is a MUST!

Life is difficult, unfair, frustrating, and at times debilitating, but you can't give into that. Just like my personal illness drags me down physically, mentally, and emotionally I can't let it stop me dead in my tracks I have to keep pushing forward. My dreams won't become a reality if all I do is dream. You have seen me say it 100 times and I will say it again, you have to #WorkHard...PERIOD!

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