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Stand Out

I was in a new place, surrounded by people I had never met before, it was my turn on the mic so I stood out the best, most positive way I could. I was the only one that made them laugh and that was step one to being memorable. Talking with confidence was step two, and then following up with a personal email for each person I met was the final step.

I know that sounds like a great plan, but it took years for me to devise that plan. My plan worked for me like gang busters last Thursday night at The Hope Scholarship Mix, Mingle, Connect: Speed Networking event. I enjoyed myself, met some awesome fellow small business owners, and donated to a very positive cause. But the key was to devise my own plan to stand out and be memorable.

No matter what you do--graphic design (, luxurious skin & hair care (, bbq catering (, grant writing (, youth development (, dissertation support (, secure package delivery (, reality ( or personal training ( be you...stand out your confident in your skills, mission, and passion. Just remember that we all need help; there is nothing wrong with reaching out for a helping hand sometimes, but don't just take a helping hand...add value, be authentic, and be honest!

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