Write it DOWN!

Write it DOWN!

When you complete an assignment save it in your own files before you submit it, when you talk to someone via email save every email correspondence, and even when you talk to people in person sometimes follow it up with an email that starts "per our conversation..."

Be a Leader

Be a Leader

Boss, owner, CEO, supervisor, director, all titles for the person with the power. Be a LEADER instead; a person that inspires and motivates those around them to be their best and do wonderful things by being a honest, humble, respectful, responsible, positive, creative/forward thinking, encouraging, confident, communicatior.

Manage It

Manage It

One way to manage a large task is to break it down into smaller tasks and once one of those smaller tasks is completed treat yourself to a snack, walk, or even a few minutes of mindless browsing on the internet.



CH Style LLC strives to establish a clear record of current organizational operations while providing structure so your event, business, organization, or individual self can function successfully without outside interference. Some of CH Style LLC's clients shared how much they APPRECIATED all that CH Style LLC did to help them succeed.

"I landed my first internship with GDIT! The interview practice we did definitely attributed to my success, so thanks so much again"

- Alissa Wells



“Crystal is blessed to find the most relatable way to communicate with words. It's easy to see that she has taken the time to be thoughtful and sincere. While I know that writing for some can be difficult, I always find myself looking forward to what happens when she puts into written word what you needed to hear most. Being able to communicate this way inspires me and it reminds me that she has a timeless gift that allows her to express herself in such a way.” 

- Nicole Nelson

"Not only does CH Style do event planning but also does great work with career building. CH Style redid my resume' and my phone has been blowing up. Thank you CH Style LLC."

– Ritchie Sykes


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