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"Closed mouths don't get fed!"

Recently I meet with a colleague and during our meeting I expressed some of my frustrations regarding entrepreneurship. He made some really good points that I had never considered. The most memorable point revolved around a question; "have you asked?"

To be honest, I never have; it never even dawned on me to. I felt, based on my understanding, that you didn't have ask people to support your business you just had to be confident, skilled, and supportive of them and they would automatically be supportive of you.

Unfortunately, I have found that's not how it works. I can be, and am, the best supporter of other peoples businesses and even refer them to a ton of people (which I do), but that does not equate to them being the best supporter of my business.

It's not good enough to dream about business success you actually have to work hard at making that success a reality. Asking for help, taking risks, being willing to learn from others and your mistakes, are the things that will get you closer to realizing your biggest career, business, and personal dreams!

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