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The customer is ALWAYS right...but are they really though?!? I agree with the basic sentiment of this statement, which is to treat all of your customers with respect and appreciation, but sometimes they CAN actually be wrong.

Some issues are really black and white, by that I just mean that the policy is written in black and white that everyone can read (now their understanding of what they have read may be the real issue). Shameless plug....WRITING IT DOWN is exactly what CH Style LLC be honest, that is what drives me in my business and career! Now back to our regularly scheduled program...I like for everything to be clearly written down that way there isn't much, if any, room for 'debate'. Life is full of debate, struggle, and hard ship and I want to minimize that as much as possible.

Let's be real clear, just because things are written down does not mean that someone won't try to 'debate' you on things. But if things are clearly written down you at least have a leg to stand on, now your debater on the other hand...LOL! Remember not to ever under estimate the importance of #WritingItDown because if you don't you make the customer always right by default.

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