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"It's all about ME!"

Mya and Dru Hill sang it in 1998, but I think wayyyy too many people took that one part literally! Let's break this "idea", "theory", "mantra" (whatever you want to call it) down to reality.

Let's start by stating the truth; NO ONE will look out for you like you. The reality is that only you know your mind, body, and soul fully so there can never be another that can speak to any of those items better than you.

Knowing that you are the best spokesperson for you and correlating that with everything is about you is not correct. Every interaction that you are involved in does involve you, but that does not mean you are the subject of that interaction. Just to clarify, a subject is the main component. A good example of an interaction that I am involved in, but I'm not the subject of is when I play a game of Taboo and it is not my teams turn to guess the word on the player's card.

Cleary, in that instance Taboo is not about me. LIFE in general is not about you as an individual. Life is really about the collective (society, world, brothers and sisters, call it what you like) working together to foster a peace, fairness, and love like no other.

To accomplish that mission there will be many individual contributions, but those are not the mission, it's about the collective. Thinking and acting like everything that you are involved in must benefit you is a flawed mentality that leads to...just look at what's going on now in the world. Due to the individual mentality that "it's all about me!" we are experiencing a pandemic, unemployment, poverty, climate change, and inhumanity (just to name a few).

It won't be easy, but we have to remember there is a time and place to think individually. The main component is the "health" of the collective, thus we all must positively contribute to the understanding, wealth, civility and physical wellness of EVERYBODY!

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