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I am a WOMAN!

It's a fact; I am a WOMAN...a BLACK woman to be exact. I am a strong woman. I am an educated woman. I am an ambitious woman. I am an independent woman. Basically, I am a force to be reckoned with!

Many times woman are overlooked, especially when they are not the "first" or doing the "largest" thing, but we all need to to be celebrated. Woman really are the backbone (not just the rib) of society. Without woman, it's clear that men would not have always had the presence of mind or the stability of home to do what they did. It's very debatable whether all of the work of men can be considered "accomplishments", but we will leave that debate for another day :)

I recently realized that a positive word is not just something that I like to give, but also like to receive so on this international women's day, I would would like to "toot my own horn."

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University after I experienced a life altering Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM), doctors just referred to it as a stroke for simplicities sake, during the winter break of my senior year.

I did not allow my initial physical setbacks to become debilitating life, long mental, emotional, and physical setbacks. I was able to complete my second summer internship while living independently at the the National Security Agency, which is 4 hours away from my parents home in North Carolina, and graduated only a semester behind schedule with a BS in Computer Science.

I started my professional career as a systems engineer in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. It was during that time that I discovered my enjoyment for technical writing. I took several classes at Prince Georges Community College in English preparing to embark on my technical writing career. Since that time, I have successfully cultivated a 12 year career now serving as a Senior Technical Writer contracting for the federal government. I also started CH Style LLC 9 years ago while continuing to work as a contractor.

It sounds like I am a testimony, a trooper, a positive influence...and YES all that is true, but I am only one woman. I have a story that will most likely never be showcased by Oparh or even by The Shade Room, but I do have a story and so do all women. This month, and especially today, remember that ALL women and the amazing stories that their lives hold. Women are MDs, PhDs, lawyers, teachers, mothers, aunts, sisters, worshippers, and winners in every way imaginable. Women are magical like no other and that should NEVER forgotten!


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