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Today is the DAY…Election Day! 2020 has been a hot mess and today is another day in that mess, but it’s an important day none the less. It doesn’t really matter who (actually it kinda does, but that’s not the point), what really matters is that you DO IT!

The states have tried to make it more convenient in so many ways, hoping that will empower us to do our civic duty. I took great advantage of one of those ways and voted for the first time on an absentee ballot and then dropped it off to the official election early voting center near me in the padlock, state provided drop off box. If you didn’t want to do that, you could vote absentee and use the USPS, go vote extra (like a month) early, vote just a week (in some places it may have been two weeks) early, and if you are really a purist, you are voting TODAY!

It doesn’t matter how; it just matters that you do it! We have been through 20 years (I am confident some of you would say more years than that) of issues in LESS than 1 calendar year so if that isn’t enough to motivate you to vote, I don’t know what could!

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