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Don't Let It Go to Your Head!

Boss, owner, CEO, supervisor, director, all titles for the person with the POWER. Power is defined, one definition at least, as the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or course of events. Now the question is HOW do you as the boss, owner, CEO, supervisor, or director positively INFLUENCE your employees, customers, and clients?!? I know for sure a few ways not to!

Everyone wants to feel respected, heard, and appreciated; shouting, yelling, and chastising does not bring about any of those positive feelings. Now some may have been taught that the way to get people to do what you want is to invoke fear in them; that is a flawed philosophy. Yes, it does work on some, but unfortunately, it has the complete opposite effect on others. If we all want to be respected, even the 'boss', invoking fear in another will not lead them to respecting you, only RESENTING you.

In this society, we have several clear examples of what resentment in people manifest itself as...DC Sniper, Sandy Hook, Charleston, Fort Hood, Navy Yard, and that is just a few examples. Some may say the 'reason' for each of these mass shootings was different, but really it wasn't. The true reason is resentment, now what or who they were resentful towards was different in each of the over 40 mass shootings this country has had since 2000 (David Hodari, A history of mass shootings in the US since Columbine,

Don't let the idea of power go to your head. Choose to be a LEADER, that person that inspires and motivates those around them to be their best and do wonderful things; it's not just simply the one in power. A leader is not just born, but cultivated by hard work and a desire to serve others. A good leader is a honest, humble, respectful, responsible, positive, creative/forward thinking, encouraging, confident, communicator. Being a leader, and not simply being in charge, is a choice that you make and you work hard at maintaining.

The struggle is real to be an effective leader, but strive to be that in all you do. The truth is you never know who is watching, picking up your habits, and following your example so be the #Best example that you can be. You can be a leader anywhere, anytime, for any purpose; keep that in mind as you move forward!

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