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Everybody' got ONE!

We all have a nose, a mouth, a belly button what else...I'm honestly having a hard time thinking of other body parts that we just have one of. I never realized how symmetrical the human body is, or at least was originally designed to be.

But I did just realize something that we have many, many, too many of...OPINIONS! We have at least one about everything we encounter in life; everything from food and music to colleges and career paths.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but work (usually a place full of diverse opinions) is not always the best place to express your many opinions, especially a political, legal, or religious one. Just because someone looks like you and is the same age, sex, religion, or family status as you, does not mean they will share your opinions.

Nobody wants to feel stifled, unheard, unappreciated, or ignored. Here's a suggestion to mitigate you ever feeling any of those things because you are being belittled by others in the work place who don't share your opinions regarding politics, legalities, or religion...DON'T SHARE! It's best to just stay away from those topics because you never know who you will offend and thus you never know how that will affect your career.

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