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Building Entrepreneurs Event

"Money makes the world go round!" That's a phrase I have heard many times in my life and I'm sure I'm not the only one. But we all need to learn how to make that money work for us. The goal is to make that money doing what we are truly passionate about, skilled at, and have a talented for. The question is, how do we best do that and be successful?

That is the thought behind the Building Entrepreneurs Event. You can come out and enjoy lunch, a cocktail, networking, and learn a thing or two about Business Economics. The event will feature a panel discussion revolving around the topic of business economics. The panel will be taking questions, providing facts, and giving helpful hints on the economics behind starting a business, growing a business, and determining if that business is successful. This event is FREE to attend, but all must register. Mason Social restaurant will provide an enjoyable setting for an enjoyable group of people to gather and obtain helpful informationl. For attending the event, Mason Social will offer 10% off your next visit. Grab a fellow entrepreneur and join this motivating, impactful, and powerful event!

You can register for the event on Eventbrite at

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