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What are you SELLING?

Everywhere you turn you are being sold something, a new product, a must have service, or even a Coke and a smile! But today selling has new facets that we never imaged 20 years ago, even 10 years ago. I think we can all agree that businesses need a logo, a mission statement, and even a target audience in order to sell themselves. How and where those things are crafted and presented is the key to successfully selling!

In 2017 it is important that your business create a brand all its own and utilize social media platforms to market, promote, and sell your brand to its audience. The Building Entrepreneurs - Social Brand event will feature a panel discussion that will highlight the importance of a business logo, determining which social media platforms work best for your business, and the question of 'to post or not to post'. Come out to Mason Social Restaurant on Saturday June 17, 2017 at 2pm to network with fellow entrepreneurs over a cocktail at the bar before gaining helpful tips and information that will allow your business to be AWESOME!

This event is FREE to attend, but all must register. You can register on Eventbrite at Grab a fellow entrepreneur and join this motivating, impactful, and powerful event!

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