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HBO got it right with this one! I missed the Insecure craze when the first session came out, but I found myself without something to do one Saturday afternoon and ended up binge watching session 1. It was ironically the day before season 2 premiered and needless to say I would be watching the premier with bated breath and now I feel a bit empty because the season is over.

I literally see myself in Issa Rae's character. I am a black female in my 30s with natural hair, a college education, a mission to help others be AWESOME, and a love life that leaves a lot to be desired. I am glad that I can finally see myself in a real and relevant way on TV.

As human beings we are insecure about something in our lives everyday; it may be our job, our career (please note that a job and a career are 2 different things), our business, our social skills, our romantic life, even our spirituality. But it truly reminds me that being insecure is NOT a bad thing. Your insecurity makes you uncomfortable and that fuels you to gain the needed skills so you can get past that uncomfortablness.

Insecurity becomes negative when we wallow in it, allow it to ouze out of every pore on our skin and drip from out of our mouths like water from a faucet. This makes me revamp one of my favorite quotes from the movie The Players Club in order to drive this point home. Be insecure, but don't let insecurity be all of you!

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