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We are all unique, in fact some are even named Unique! There is nothing wrong with being an original...original people have original ideas. Not every thought you have will be one of a kind, but many will be.

This country is currently mourning and celebrating a truly unique individual. He talked about sex in songs when society at large wouldn't dare to do such a thing. He wore butt-less chaps on film so we could all see it over and over again. He taught himself to play multiple instruments, surpassing the idea that a person could only be talented at one thing. His uniqueness is what we all admire, yes we love the songs, but we really wish we could be that daring and unique in our daily lives.

Being unique is a quality that everyone should embrace. I never imagined that my unique attitude could aid me because all my life everyone told me how my personality was going to get me in trouble one day, but the opposite has happened. Just like it has come in handy for me from time-to-time in my life, yours can do the same for you.

I just ran across a great question and answer styled article documenting how you can make your uniqueness work in your favor in your job search. Just because the article specifically talks about your job search remember it applies to all of your career moves, personal connections, and inner contentment. Read the article, feel great about being you, and use your uniqueness to your advantage!

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