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Writing Tip: Know Your Strengths

"Thanks Crystal! Your words always inspire," I was not trained to be a prolific writer or a motivational expert, actually I was trained to be a computer scientist! But the one thing that I have taken with me from my studies as a computer scientist is that the computer will only do what you TELL it to do. When you tell, you use words so I guess being good with the words I put together was part of my training.

But every computer scientist, engineer, or information technologist is not good at putting words together. Let me take that back, they put the jargon of their respective fields together perfectly. But relating that to the average person is not their strong suit. It's okay that everyone isn't the best writer, just like everyone isn't the best brain surgeon or singer, but the key is knowing that. Simply acknowledge it, do your best, and realize when it's best that you hand the writing responsibility over to someone else who is better at it than you.

I say this to relay the tip that not everyone knows the jargon of your field, especially the entry level recruiter that is the first person (not the computer program that scans it initially) to read your resume. Dice published a great article that highlights this writing tip well. Read the article and apply its words to your life, just remember sometimes that means handing things over to someone else that is better at stringing words together than you!

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