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#WorkHard is the tag I always use, but does everyone really know what I mean by that? We all have at least one dream in life and that dream is usually something not easily attainable. The first thing you have to do is understand that #WorkHard requires that you put in EFFORT. Effort is that thing we define as a strenuous physical or mental attempt, just so you know an attempt is the act of trying to achieve something. Hopefully now you see why effort is a key ingredient.

Next in your effort to work hard you have to PLAN. A plan is detailed, it's done in advance, it's your roadmap of how to make it to your goal thus in order to reach any goal you have to plan. The plan tells you how; you already know what!

Your EXECUTION is the evidence of all of your effort and planning. You have to set the plan into motion, or better drive the car down the road, and this is when you do it. You can't expect to reach a destination, aka your goal or dream, without actually traveling to get there! During the execution it is easy to forget the basic manners that we as humans have, but PLEASE don't.

You know the manners I'm referring to, respect, patience, understanding, honesty, courtesy all the things that our parents tried to instill in us as small children, just for this reason. You will never make the long journey being selfish, shady, and shameful...don't get me wrong, you may see some short term success, but is that really part of the dream.

While you are actually putting in the work, completing the tasks, following the roadmap you have to check in, monitor how everything is going, and from time to time take a step back so you can see the full picture. This keeps you on track, focused, and responsible so that you can finish exactly where you want to, if not even further down the road. At the end, you have to RELEASE it and be confident that all of your hard work has truly worked in your favor. Sometimes we give it all we got and still come up short, don't focus on that, really analyze where and how you went wrong. The wisdom you have gained by working hard allows you to refocus and start the process of #WorkHard all over again.

OMG...#WorkHard is a PROCESS...a never ending process! As soon as one dream is realized it is time to #WorkHard to accomplish the next one. So everyday #WorkHard because the dream may change, but the process of realizing it doesn't.

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