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New Opportunity

Have you ever heard someone say "another day, another dollar?" I would offer the phrase "new day, new dollar" instead. Highlighting that each day is not just another day of the same job working with the same people having the same experiences making the exact same money as yesterday, but rather each day is a NEW day! If something is new it means it never existed before, and each day is in fact new; it has never happened before and it will never happen again.

We need to take advantage of each new day we are able to see, hear, and experience. I'm not saying that we have to do something wildly different everyday, but we do need to take advantage of each day. We take advantage by simply learning at least one new fact from a book, article, person, or even TV or by not carrying the baggage of yesterdays drama into today's situations or by just simply taking a moment to reflect on the nature around us.

The ways of taking advantage of each new day are abundant. Everyone has to do their best to not just #WorkHard, but understand that each day has purpose and promise. If we take advantage of each day when our day comes to depart this Earth we can do so fearlessly, knowing that we took positive advantage of each day we were given. Everyone is not going to be privileged to experience tomorrow so we all have an obligation to take full advantage of each new day we are blessed with.

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