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In Spite of

"She doesn't know what she's doing..." "Nobody will ever listen to her!" "He's ignorant..." "He thinks he knows everything, but somehow he doesn't know that no one likes him!" They will always have something to say. In the best of days they will say only positive, glowing things about you, your skills, and your talents. But you have to be prepared for those days when they put you down, disrespect you, or send violence your way because those days will come.

What will your response be? As our great First Lady has said many times "...when they go low, we go high!" In other words, as the old folks used to say "take the high road." As much as we want to be just as disrespectful, violent, and down right hateful that will solve nothing. It will only make us feel good for a moment, but we have many other moments of life to live. Behave the way you wish others did towards you, treat others better than they treat you, take the time to understand them...that's how you appropriately deal with others disrespect so you can excel past it.

The thing to remember is that in spite of what is being said, done, not said, or not done you still have goals, objectives, and dreams. You still need to put in the hard work, strategize, and stay in control of yourself. You don't have extra energy or time to worry about what others are saying or doing. You just have to DO YOU and be the best you that you can be...In Spite Of!

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