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Not Always YOUR Way

We are taught to believe that as long as we put in the work then things will go our way. But the reality is, things don't always work out our way. I know I get discouraged when things don't work out like I would like; it's only natural. The key is to not let that get you down, which is easier said than done.

The one thing that I have learned over the years that allows me to keep pushing forward toward my goal is simple...I have to have FAITH! I am not saying that you have to believe in certain theologies, methodologies, or even theories, but you do have to believe in something mightier than yourself.

You alone can not make everything go you're way, and when it doesn't you have to have something to turn to that pushes you through the disappointment. You have to share your frustrations, physically let go of the pressure, and take a breath away from it all.

How you exactly do those things is up to you, but those acts are your FAITH at work. Your faith allows you to truly relax, relate, and release so you can reset, readjust, and refocus in order for you to move forward. Embracing faith enables you to embrace it all.

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