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Mac & Cheese Part 2

I started a new day job in my technical writing career. NOTE: I have said this before and I will say it again, there is NO SHAME in working for "the man" while you are building your entrepreneurial empire! On with the story.

One of my new co-workers walked by my cubical and told me that there was mac & cheese in the kitchen. I was immediately intrigued because as you know someone's mac & cheese tells a lot and the first thing it tells me is their cooking ability. I got up and went into the kitchen to get some of the mac & cheese.

As I approached the baking pan and pulled back the foil I noticed a couple things:

1. There was a knife and spatula by the pan; why would you need both?

2. There were crushed saltine crackers on the top; why just why?

I went ahead and cut a small brick of the mac & cheese for a tasting, I now knew why the knife was there as there was no way the spatula was making it through that brick. I wrapped up the brick to heat up and eat later.

As I tasted this concoction I decided that the taste of the actual mac & cheese was ok, but the saltine crackers had to go! As I was chewing my last bite I tasted something funny...I spit the bite out onto my fork and discovered that the weird object was a cherry tomato. A cherry tomato, who in the world puts cherry tomatoes in mac & cheese?!?!?

I immediately decided two things: 1. I would not eat another dish provided by that cook and 2. I would say NOTHING if I was asked how I liked it. I wouldn't even grin and bare it, I would say absolutely nothing. I realized that sometimes you have to just say nothing and move forward.

As hard as that is sometimes you just have to do it and by "it" I mean NOTHING! Again, as Dave Chapelle warned...don't let keeping it real go wrong.

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