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Are you WOKE?

We are all still Marveling, pun intended, from the movie Black Panther, but now the question is what does it mean to be Woke...What actions are required if you are Woke...Who determined those actions???

First let's understand that to be woke doesn't mean that you have to do certain actions, it means that you are AWARE of the events happening around you. This mainly refers to social issues like Black Lives Matter, but it can also apply to issues that are not so societal, but more personal.

From all that I can tell the actions required to make you woke differ from person to person, meaning there is not one set rule on the actions you have to take. I'm not much for marching or boycotting, but education seems to me more my speed.

I decided to do my part by keeping us all educated regarding the U.S. political system and most importantly our local governments. Our political system seems to be at the root of many, if not all, of our societal issues and we have to start locally in order to truly effect change in our national political structure.

That's how I decided to "Stay Woke," but we all have a part to play in the woke struggle. Making comments on social media is not the action that the movement needs; it only let's everyone know that you know there is an issue. Knowing is only half the battle...what are you going to DO now that you are WOKE?!?

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